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Adopt An Equine

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So you want to adopt? Here's what you need to know!



If you found an equine you would like to adopt through CHRN, congratulations! We look forward to working with you. We have a few basic steps to prepare for adoption.


  1. Submit your interest in the form below confirming that you have fully read our adoption contract.                  

  2. Application and Home Check-When filling out the application please note the email You will need to send photos of your facilities, other horses and structures to our home check team to complete your application.  

We follow the AAEP Guidelines when we do home checks. We are looking for safe facilities, shelter, appropriate turn out, and companionship as well as the overall health of the other animals.

WE DO NOT ADOPT OUT HORSES TO SINGLE HORSE HOMES. Horses are herd animals and we require that horses have equine companionship. Boarding situations are excluded as long as there are other horses at the facility at all times. 

  3. Visit the Equine to Ensure Fit. Visitation is by APPOINTMENT ONLY. We do not have standard hours and we do not accept walk in appointments. Please feel free to bring friends or family, but limit your party to 4 if possible. Please do NOT bring pets and if you bring young children please bring an adult to help supervise them. Please do not show up more than 15 minutes before your appointment. 

Foster, Trainer or CHRN Representative must approve the suitability of the horse for the situation, home and applicant's skill level.

  4. Arrange Pick Up Or Transport after Adoption is Approved

Horses can be delivered by CHRN by request. It will according to the availability of the CHRN rep hauling. Horses picked up must be done so by appointment with foster or CHRN Facility. STRAIGHT LOAD TWO HORSE TRAILERS ARE NOT ALLOWED FOR TRANSPORT. If you need any specific vaccinations or a health/coggins, please ask PRIOR to pick up. You will be responsible for those costs. All horses are current on farrier, parasite control, and dental care unless otherwise noted.

  5. After Your Hold Time is Up, Finalize Adoption By Requesting Brand Inspection
Each horse will have a hold period where CHRN will retain ownership to ensure the fit is suitable. Once the hold period is up, please contact your adoption agent to have the adoption finalized by getting the brand inspection transferred.

  6. ENJOY!

Remember we are ALWAYS here to help, if you need training or behavioral assistance, or if you have any questions or comments about your new horse feel free to contact your adoption agent or CHRN directly!

Home Check Facts.

-Our home checks are virtual. We do not visit your property in person. 


- You can start by filling out the form at the link above.

-We require professional references (vet, farrier)

It can take some time to get responses from your vet or farrier, so please give them a heads up that we will be contacting them about adoption.

-We nearly always respond within a few days. We still get comments that we've never gotten back to someone, in most cases we have. Either it's in your spam, or if you filled out the form on the website you made a typo in your email. If you haven't heard, please email them again AFTER checking your spam filter!

- You MUST have a home check prior to making an appointment to see a horse. Why? We take a great deal of time to find the right match and we have to set aside time to show you a horse. We want to be sure you've got the appropriate home so our volunteers or employees time is utilized in the best way.

-Some home checks won't be approved for all horse types. We will inform you if there's limitations to what we think will be safe in your facility.

-Yes! We allow boarding situations.

-Yes! We will consider out of state adoptions case by case.

For out of state adoptions you will be responsible for cost of all travel papers including Health/Coggins. 

-Yes! You must have an Equine companion for the horse adopted! We are happy to adopt you a companion if you do not already have one.

-Yes! We require adequate space or turn out, this is non negotiable and is the main reason some boarding stables aren't approved. Horses need regular exercise. 

- A home check is good for at minimum a year. So get one done BEFORE that horse you want to adopt comes through! We often hear that people are upset they didn't get to see the horse before someone with a home check. If you have a home check we can schedule you immediately for an appointment.

-PLEASE REMEMEBER you MUST send photos of your facilities, shelter, etc to CHRN after submitting the adoption form. Failure to do this will significantly delay your approval. 


If you have questions or concerns you can contact

Mayra at

Or the director Carrie at

Happy adopting!


How can you help CHRN?

Choose CHRN as your partner on Amazon Smile or Ebay!
You can also shop for our merchandise at SpreadShirt and CafePress, click below


If An Adoption Doesn't Work Out.

Sometimes things just don't work out. We understand that a horse is a big commitment. If the horse you adopt needs to be returned for any reason, please just reach out to your adoption agent or the mail CHRN email. We can even help with transport if needed. Adoption fees are NON REFUNDABLE, but in the first 60 days  they are exchangeable (AT DISCRETION OF CHRN). Should we offer to transfer your adoption fee you can adopt another equine that might be a better fit. If you decide not to adopt another horse, your fee will be considered a donation to CHRN. If we deny transfer of adoption, your fee will be considered a donation to CHRN. 



We are always in need of foster homes! More than half of the horses we intake need additional time or care before they can be placed for adoption. Fosters make this possible! We provide vet and farrier care,

while fosters provide feed and care for needy horses. To request a home check, email 

For Foster Home Requirements, Download our Requirements HERE!

Donate your used tack.

We accept donations of new and used tack and equipment! All donations are tax deductible and the proceeds from the sales of these items benefits a number of our programs!

To donate tack, email

We sell a majority of our gently used equipment at 

Equi-Line of Colorado Springs! You can drop tack of directly to them to be sold for CHRN. To check them out, visit

tack recycle.png


Experienced horse owners are encouraged to offer services with transporting foster horses, including vet visits, heading to and from training and horses moving to new foster homes. We often need transport in areas all over the state. Join our CHRN Volunteers Facebook group to stay up to date on home check and transport needs!

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